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Our pre-release films! Exclusively available at ACF!

Pre-Release movies are available four to eight weeks before commercial retail/rental stores!
They are ideal for special events, fundraisers and community presentations.
Pre-releases are only available in DVD not in streaming.

Please allow at least fifteen (15) business days between your order and the date of your event.

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1 movie found

Title In Theaters In Pre-Release In Stores
American Society of Magical Negroes, The
Société américaine des Noirs magiques, La

Year: 2024
Length: 104 minutes
Rated: G
In Theaters: 2024/03/15
In Pre-Release: 2024/04/02
In stores: 2024/05/28
2024/03/15 2024/04/02 2024/05/28

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